This the Arabic Add-on to the free software TypeFaster (open source software released under GPL license).

- Download and install TypeFaster.
- Make sure TypeFaster is not running
- Download and install the TypeFaster Arabic Add-on
- Start TypeFaster

TypeFaster Arabic Option

You can also download the add-on files without the installer.
Extract and copy the files (the "Arabic.xml" file and the "Arabic" folder with its contents) to two locations:
C:\Program Files\TypeFaster\layouts\
and to:
C:\Program Files\TypeFaster\defaultuser\layouts\

In order to be able to type Arabic, you need to enable Arabic language support in Windows.

Right click on the TaskBar to show the "Language bar" Show the Language Toolbar
Right click on the Language Bar to change the settings Language Bar Settings
Click "Add" Click "Add"
Choose the language. Choose the Arabic Language
Click "OK" Confirm The Language
Click OK and you are set. New language option shows in window
To use it in an active program, left click on the language bar Change language for an active window

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